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Many years ago a group of scientists, named the Sherman Intellectuals galactically-reknowned for their technological mastery discovered the  mystical energy source known as the Cores. These “Cores” usually appear as small glowing sphere-like objects. Cores contain a near-limitless supply of energy. An energy source both abundant and adaptable which allowed beings from various worlds to create colossal airships and power whole cities. Through their discovery an age of prosperity and excess was created across the galactic frontier. However, this age  has nearly come to an end. A ominous force named the Blue Mist has been consuming the land slowly. Growing unremittingly, the blue mist turns any living organism trapped within it into a soulless shell. Only six nations of the world are able to appeal to the Sherman Intellectuals and ascend with them high above the clouds away from the mist's influence. This plan worked  well and the citizens  were safe from the blue mist's touch. Years passed, and  the danger that the floating nations escaped from approaches once again due to them slowly running out of sky.
Gatling is one of the lucky few who lives above the clouds. He is a member of the prestigious Omega Blades, the soldier elites group for the floating island nation of Panzer. However, their plans to unite the six floating nations and fight back the blue mist is hindered when Panzer Island is attacked by a mysterious group of pirates......
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